Our practical sheets

Our practical sheets

Seasonal rental

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A seasonal rental, or vacation rental, is concluded for a maximum of 90 days, but more often for a week. It is generally furnished.

The lease is written and mentions the rent and the respective obligations of the lessor and the tenant. Certain diagnostics are mandatory(Sheet 10-2: mandatory diagnostics for rentals). A security deposit is usually required. The charges may be included in the price, or be the subject of a fixed price, or be paid according to actual consumption of electricity, heating, etc.

The tenant is generally obliged to insure himself against the rental risks.

Note: Frequently, the " multi-risk home insurance " contract contains a " holiday " clause: the tenant can check with his insurer to see if he must take out specific insurance, or if he is already covered for his seasonal rental.

If the property is furnished, an inventory of the furniture is attached to the contract. It can also be drawn up at the time of the inventoryof fixtures.

When the seasonal rental is concluded through a real estate agent, thedeposit cannot be received by the agency more than 6 months in advance, and it cannot exceed 1/4 of the rent. The balance of the rent can be paid, depending on the lease, either one month in advance or when the keys are handed over to the tenant.

Note: thereal estate agent 's fees are generally payable by the tenant, depending on the agency's fee schedule.