Our practical sheets

Our practical sheets

Buy a common area

Co-property information

You would like to purchase a common area of the condominium, whether it is a room or a landing.

It is necessary to put the question on the agenda of the next general meeting of co-owners, by sending your request to the syndic of the co-ownership, by registered letter with notice of receipt.

The sale may be authorized by themeeting, by a majority of the members of the syndicate, representing at least two-thirds of the votes of all the co-owners,

Attention: the decision must be taken unanimously, when you ask to purchase a common area whose preservation is necessary to respect the destination of the building.

If thegeneral assembly of co-owners accepts this transfer, you can sign a deed of sale, the syndic representing the syndicate of co-owners.
The rules of co-ownership and the descriptive state of division must be updated. The distribution of charges must be recalculated.

Note: it is customary to have the co-owner who asks to purchase a common area bear all of these costs.